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Picture Gallery for 2023

31st December
<--- A hardy few turned up on the last day of the year to a rather soggy field. It's not every year the stream actually has water in it. Here's hoping that 2024 brings us same good flying weather!
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2023 Annual General Meeting held on 6th December
Alan <--- Trophies won during the year are "officially" presented at the AGM. The "Champion of Champions" award for the most consistent competition performance was won by Alan Smedley (right), being presented by John Morse (Chairman).

Winners of the individual competitions shown below.
Elec FF winner
Mike Wilson won the Electric FF held on 14th May
Guy Rookie winner
Guy Bowden (right) won the Rookie competition on 8th October, his trophy being presented by Dave Harbour.
Mick Addington won the IC Fun Fly on 10th Sept
Alan S
Alan Smedley won the Open electric Glider competition held throughout the year
8th October - Rookie Competition
Rookie 2023 Group pic
The Rookie competitors and the organiser
Rookie Winnwe Guy <--- Congratulation to Guy Bowden (left) for winning the Rookie Comp, here seen receiving his trophy and a bottle of the finest plonk from the competition organiser, Andy Hibbert.
17th Sept
Last BBQ of the year (probably)
10 Sept - IC Fun-Fly Competition
IC FF Group
The IC Fun-Fly Competitors
ICFF Winner

<--- Mick Addington (left) was the overall winner, here receiving his trophy from the organiser, John Morse
Mick also won the 15 Loops and 2 looks, 2 rolls rounds
Bob ICFF 2023
Bob Nicholson won the spot landing round.
Dave Cand G winner
Dave Harbour won the Climb and Glide round.
2nd July
Eddy with tree sticker
Eddy receiving his well earned tree sticker
Willian with rookie
William with a Rookie glider - Sadly the competition planned for the day could not be held due to high winds
May/June Site Maintenance
Alan repiring Strimmer
Alan repairing a strimmer
Eddy mowing strip
Eddy mowing the strip
14th May Electric Fun-Fly
Even those that did not enjoyed spectating! - many others helped to keep the show on the road
Neal Dubal (left) stepped up to the plate to take care of the scoring, Alan Smedley (right) was the overall organiser
The overall winner of the trophy was Mike Wilson ....
Mike also won the ring-drop and the spot landing.

All flights take off from the strip .......

..... unfortunately not all finish on the strip.
The limbo is always fun to watch .....
...... some of the flights are successful .....
......others,  no quite so much!

May 12-15
Slo[e A Slope Soaring Nr Eastbourne
slope B Slope C
Slope D slopee
30th April

NVA hosted a BBQ with Northampton MAC here are some of those that attended
some appear to be still stuffing their faces :-)
JT rubber model
2 views of John Turner's superb rubber powered model
JT rubber modell
Bert's funeral
March 2023  - NVA was well represented at Bert Smith's funeral
Misc. 2023 pictures
JBMs ModelS Jim with Jet