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What types of models can be flown at the club Any, however the runway is not very suitable for jets and the site is not suitable for free-flight models as there is a lot of forest around.
What are the clubs fees? Details on the current membership form which can be downloaded here
If I join late in the year is there a reduction in the fees? New members that join late in the year are offered full membership for the following year. For details please refer to paragraphs 1.4.1 & 1.4.1a of the club constitution which can be found on the "Rules" page of this website.
Can you recommend a model/equipment to get me started in model flying? This will depend on the type of models that you are interested in and we suggest you contact the club and arrange to visit the field and talk to the members before you spend any money, whenever possible. There are many different types of model and costs vary significantly.
How much does it cost to get started in radio control model flying? This is a very difficult question but if you buy new equipment you can expect to spend £200 to £500. This can be less especially if you acquire some second hand equipment. At the same time there is almost no real maximum.
Do I need a licence to operate radio control equipment? No, however from 2020 you have to be registered with the CAA if oui fly a model that weighs over 250 grams. Your models must bear the registration number the CAA will allocate you. There is a fee to register with the CAA, which is noted on the NVA membership application form for the relevant year.
Do I need insurance?

Legally no but club rules stipulate that individual members wishing to fly must also be members of the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) and as such are automatically insured at any site within the UK.
Non-members may only fly by invitation and under supervision of a club member (e.g. prospective new members visiting the site)

Do I need training to fly radio control model aircraft?

You can teach yourself but the club strongly recommend against it. Although serious accidents are rare, there is a safety issue. Many models are capable of flying at over 80 mph and if that hits you it will not do you any good!

The club has a number of instructors who are well experienced and very happy to teach you at no cost! Follow their plan and you will fly safely and minimise the damage to your models.

Some basic information can be foud in the BMFA publication "Flying Start".

Are there people in the club that can help if I have problems? Yes - All the club's existing members are very willing to help new members. They are a very friendly bunch and very enthusiastic about their model flying!
Are members allowed guests? Yes - however. there is a limit to the number of times a guest can fly at the club and they must either be a BMFA member or be under the supervision of a responsible club member - See the club constitution and rules for current details.
Are there toilets at the flying field? No, but there are lots of bushes and a large forest very near!
Who runs the club? The club is run by an committee, the members of which are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting which normally takes place in December. The "Committee" page lists all the current committee members, their positions on the committee and their contact details.
When can I fly? Any day of the year 10.00 am till 8.30 pm weekdays, 10.00 am till 5.00 pm weekends.
Who should I contact if I am considering joining the club?

The Secretary or Chairman of the club however, any committee member can be contacted for details. Alternatively, potential members are welcome to visit the field when there is flying; noting that helicopter flyers generally meet on Saturdays 10 till 1 pm (roughly) and fixed wing flyers on Sundays at the same time.

It is better however, if you call to arrange a time so you can be sure there will be someone there who can help. You will also need to know the code for the security gate at the entrance to the forest track.

Do I require any special clothing?

As you can see from the pictures in the gallery, few membes are fashion concious. We recommend a peaked hat (baseball cap is ideal) and sunglasses as even on a cloudy day looking into the sky can be tough on your eyes. In winter it can be cold but members dress for the environment and many use fingerless gloves. Wellies (or moon-boots) are essential when the ground gets muddy. Flying goes on throughout the year - some put skis on their planes and have great fun flying off snow.

In the summer it's shorts, tee-shirts, sun hats and sun cream! (well sometimes anyway)

Does the club have rules and regulations? Yes, and they are for the most part strictly applied simply since most are related to safety which is never compromised but also we have to meet the requirements of our insurers (BMFA) and the law, particularly with respect to the current child protection laws. - Details can be found on the Constitution & Rules page of this web site.
Does the club have a child protection policy? Yes it does and details can be found on the Constitution & Rules page of this web site. The club does have a welfare officer who's job is to see that the policy is applied. Most of the committee members are CRB checked.
Can you recommend any books about model flying? If you become a new member of the model flying association (BMFA) you will/may. receive a voucher for 'Flying Start' an invaluable easy to read guide explaining the essentials of how to pilot a model fixed wing aircraft. This can be downloaded from the "BMFA" page of this website. Also there are scores of books available - please advise the webmaster if you can recommend any.