Introduction to the Club

"Nene Valley Aeromodellers" is a group of enthusiasts enjoying a range of activities associated with fixed-wing and helicopter aeromodelling. Areas of radio controlled flying expertise and interests include power, scale, glider, sports and electric modelling. Control line and free-flight are also catered for. The club was founded in 1971 but model aircraft flying goes back well before this time. The history of NVA told by some of its original members was added in December 2018.

Our annual membership is usually about 60 to 100 people, both adults and juniors. Experienced members will advise you on initial model set-up and provide flight training and assistance where required using your own aircraft or the clubs own trainer. Novice members are always welcome and are given full training in the proper construction and operation of their models. In addition to this the club organises examinations for Flying Proficiency Certificates through its affiliation with the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).

During the year the club organises a wide range of activities including aerobatic, glider, scale and helicopter competitions, occasional winter evening meetings and other events. The club provides flying facilities at a superb 3.7 acre field between Olney and Yardley Hastings, just off the B5388. The site has a large hard standing, off road car park for use in the winter months. Locations, flying times and rules are published in the NVA handbook.
The best time to meet other members enjoying fixed wing flying is Sunday morning at the Olney field. For helicopter enthusiasts, Saturday morning is the best time to meet people with similar interests, again at the Olney field.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are detailed on the membership form. From 1 October to 31 December the club fees are reduced for that year: Please contact the club for details.

Membership Application
The membership form (link below) should be filled in as indicated on the form and returned to a senior officer. Their addresses are at the head of the form. Do not send or transfer any money at this stage as your application will need to apprroved and authorised by 2 committee members first. Better still, bring the completed form to the field Sunday 10 - 1 is best or by arrangement. A copy of the Club's Constitution and General Rules is available on request or can be viewed/downloaded from this website. A membership card will be issued once your fees have been received. The codes necessary to gain access to the field are lisyed on this card. All members are required to join the BMFA as a condition of membership, which can be paid directly to the BMFA (pref.) or together with your subscription.



Members wishing to renew their membership need just send a cheque made payable to "Nene Valley Aeromodellers" or organise a BACS transfer. From January 2019 members are requested to renew their BMFA membership on-line where possible. A link to the relevant site is on the front page of the website labeled GO membership. Cheques for the full amount of just the club fees, should be sent to the treasurer, contact details are on the heading of the membership application form. Account details for BACS transfers appears in section 4 of the application form. If you do use the BACS facility, please advise the treasurer that you have done this by e-mailing The fees for the different levels of membership are listed on the membership application form.

Child Protection Policy This was revised in April 2011 and forms section 2 of the club constitution.
Click here to view the current NVA constitution and club rules incorporating the child protection policy

Important Note: Access to the NVA car parks and field is via a forest track the entrance to which has an electric gate (when it's working). An access number has to be entered into the keypad to gain entry. The code number is printed on the membership card, issued when joining NVA. Visitors should call (see "contact us" page) and a member will let you in. It is possible to walk down the track.

Winter Car Park
In order to allow a good number of cars to park with good access to the tailgate/boot etc. and minimise the risk of someone being blocked in, all members and their visitors are asked to park in a semi circle facing the outside of the area. Please see the picture below.

Summer Car Park*
We are lucky to have good parking facilities in the summer; just a short walk from the pits. However, there are a few simple rules:

1) If you are the first to arrive please tie the gate back for others who arrive after you.
2) After unlocking the combination lock, secure the chain to the lock set so it cannot be removed
3) If you are the last leave the field, please ensure the chain and padlock are securely in place.
4) Do not park by the gap in the hedge through to the pits; it obstructs people laden with models moving in both directions.
5) When we have use of the whole car park i.e. when the ground is not too soggy, leave a reasonable gap between the cars; some members need to retrieve wings etc. by opening the side doors of their car.
6) Please park on the graveled area whenever possible particularly if the ground is soft.

* During 2017 and 2018 much work was done by members and friends of NVA to extend the hard area in the summer car-park. In 2019 the club hopes that this car park will be usable throughout the year. If this is not the case, a note stating the the summer car-park is CLOSED will be posted on the front page of the website.