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<-- video by Fred To of light weight rubber powered models in Cardington hanger in 1972

<- Have a Lidl glider? - ifso, try this
NVA attending the model weekend at Rushden Historical Transport Society (panoramic) Take a trip in a Volocopter - an autonomous taxi. <---- Arial view of Olney fireworks display Nov 2017 - courtesy of NVA members Ian Wilde & Andy Hibbert <-- Arial view of the Olney flying field in action (back after a break)

<--Arial views over Olney - from Ian Wilde's UAV
Onboard camera shots from Ian Wilde's Long EZ (full-size)  
Click here to download the instructions for the club's small gazebo

<--- Quadcopter on speed!
Click here to view Festo's amazing R/C bird  
Click here to download instructions for the club's gazebo < Andy Hibbert flies his Seamaster off water

< Links to NVA members - indoor flying

Indoor Demo - something to aspire too! 7MB Download
C-17 Globemaster - Giant R/C Aircraft 3MB Download
Hudson Ditching - Animation with actual soundtrack 7Meg Download (worth every meg!)

Electric Models get Bigger!! - Article seen in Drives & Controls magazine (Feb08) - you can only hope that his LiPo's don't catch fire! - American RC site - bristling with articles reviews etc. - Multi engined B29 and X1
- Excellent on board video set up - Real time weather check at Great Doddington - Jet-Man (or what happens if you forget to let go!)
Reaper Jet Video
(4M Download)
Landing with gear up - demo of excellent flying skill (5 Megs download)
Demo of indoor shock flyer - (5 megs download)