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GALLERY - 2007

A very windy January day - and still they come

The following 6 pictures taken by Mike Potter (

A yellow bird ... roosting!

Caption Competition A
e.g. "These bits left over must go somewhere"

Caption Competition B
e.g. "You promised you would let me have a go"

I am reliably informed that there is a plane in this tree ....
(it's camera shy!)

Dave Harbour awarding Alan Smedley with his "plane in tree" sticker
(Note the howling gale!)

On-board camera shot courtesy of Alan Smedley

4 Shots of Ian Peacock's red Tiger Moth G-ARAZ (photos by Ian)
Next selection (16 pics) courtesy of Mike Potter
Castle Ashby Country Fair - July 2007
Paul Risdale (former NVA member) in his microlight and some pictures he took
over the NVA flying field while looking for a lost model.

More great pictures by Mike Potter

Congratulation to Steve Thom, here seen receiving his A certificate from Dave Harbour.

< Congratulation to Jessica Bridgman, here seen receiving her A certificate from Bert Smith (Left) & Dave Harbour. (4 Nov 2007)
Late December 2007 and the silly hat season is upon us once again as the temperature drops to below reasonable. A few of the hardier of our breed seen here taking advantage of the light winds and bright sun.
That's all for 2007 Folks