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Picture Gallery for 2013
The last Sunday of 2013 - A good turn-out despite the frosty conditions
frosty day Dave with Super 60
Over 22 members attended the 2013 Annual General Meeting was held at the Aviator Hotel, Sywell Aerodrome on 4 Dec.

Dave Harbour presented Ray Cox (right) with the trophy for winning the Electric Fun-Fly

Jeff Barringer (right) received the trophy for winning the 2013 Rookie Competition

Dave Harbour presented John Morse (right) with the Andy Fowler Memorial Trophy for winning the IC Fun-Fly
Indoor Flying
plane in basket <---<<<This season's indoor flying started with a visit to a gym near Northampton. Dave was ready with his camera when Simon forgot himself for a moment and thought he was playing basketball - you can see the approaching window pole used to liberate the stranded cub.
IC Fun-Fly for the Andy Fowler Memorial trophy
John Morse receives one of his bottles of wine from Dave Harbour (organisor of the competition) - and to the right, "The trophy now safely back where it belongs", said Morse!

Simon Fisher received his prize for winning the "loops in a minute" round. Simon came second overall.

Round 2 of the Rookie Competition

Only 5 compeitors could make it on the day

Overall Winner Jeff Barringer (right) receives the trophy from Dave Harbour

Winner on the day Alan Smedley (right) receives his bottle of plonk from Dave Harbour, the organisor of the comp

OK ... I know these aren't Rookies ... but there was a free space and it's a nice picture anyway!
18 August 2013
Andy prepares the machine for active duty ....
... and fires her up ....

...has a quiet word with the pilot ...
......while the spectators look on ....
at last .... up she goes! ....
..... and ...... back down again!
rad jet take off Gazebo
The unveiling ceremony of the club's new pop-up gazebo. This will be available for all to use once a few technical issues have been resolved.
The Rookie Comp Round 1 was held on 14 July - Steve took a few pictures - here they are
Here are some of the competitors
pic piv

The winner - Mick Addington (left) receiving his bottle of plonk from the Chairman John Morse (porker in the shorts)

You're not trying to bribe the judges are you?

A little ceremonial dance before each flight didn't do Mick any harm since he won!

Look behind you!

Dave Harbour, the organiser of the event gives his Rookie a good send off!
That's the last of the Rookie pictures? - we've got round 2 to go yet... so there'll be more!
Early July flying session
plane in rape seed field

Just as well that it wasn’t going any faster, we would never have seen that fin sticking up.
Malcolm relieved to find his errant model.  Suspect radio failure.

(Picture - courtesy of Andy Hibbert)
2 June - Ian Wilde demonstrated his tri-copter - includes pictures taken with the on-board camera
Highlights from the electric fun-fly, held on 19th May. It attracted 11 entrants (results on competitions page) - more pictures will arrive soon.

Chairman John Morse (blue hat) presents the trophy for overall winner to Ray Cox. Ray also won the limbo round for which he was awarded a bottle wine.

Guy Bowden receives his prize for winning the "Climb & Glide" round.

Chris Dickens receives one of his prizes for winning both the number of 8's and the spot landing rounds.

Alan Smedley (organiser) with his clip-board

That's the way to do it!

How not to do it! - these 5 pictures show how the tragedy unfolded

Andy gave us an excellent and informative demonstration of what happens when you fly a foamy into a wire fence. Still, nothing that glue won't fix - quite a lot of glue actually!

Reminds me of the way we used to make chips ... before oven-chips were invented.

Broken Plane in fence
Experimental Drone
14 April - too windy to fly (just Dave braved it) - so ... mower maintenance instead
dave fixing mower Group around mowers
NVA at Windmill School Model Exhibition - Raunds
BE2 BE2 front view
Raunds Model Raunds Model 2
Raunds Model 3 Raunds Model 4
Raunds Model 5 Raunds Model 6
Lipo Nailed <--- what happens when you nail a LiPo to a piece of wood - For information only - definitely not recommended!
A bit of excitement when ravers took over the forest behind the flying field
helicopter picture helicopter picture 2
heli pic heli picture 3
Enjoying the Sun - 17 Feb (not so keen on the mud though)

Indoor flying at St Neots MFC

<----- somebody (.... can't think who?) managed to get their helicopter stuck on the heater - one kindly soul from the host club climbed up the improvised ladder to get it down!


(Photo by Simon Fisher - so it probably wasn't him!)

<--The snow didn't stop Ash and Howard!
Indoor Flying in January

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Dave Harbour's birthday was celebrated in the usual way - however the number of candles had to be limited after advice from the fire brigade!


Mind your head Mick!

Looks like the mice thought this was cheese!

Ray's tiny plane gets a hand launch
6 January

Here are the first pictures of the year, taken by Steve. It was a very misty, moisty day with almost totally still conditions. However, the hardy few flew despite this.








< ----- Here we see Michael modelling our new club winter uniform. The cheerful smile due to the fact he managed not to lose his model in the clouds!