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Picture Gallery for 2022

6 December  - 2022 AGM
<---- John Turner displays a selection of his trophies after winning Electric Fun-Fly and the Rookie comps,. It was close, but due to his regular attendance at the competitions, earned him the
"Champion of Champions" award as well
<----- Dave Harbour won the I.C. Fun-Fly competition and came 2nd in the "Champion of Champions" table - being pipped by only 2 points by John Turner.
30th November
<---- Maiden flight of Jeff Barringer's excellent
Sopwith Pup
18th September - I.C. Fun-Fly
Some of the contestants and associates pose for a photo
dave <--- Dave Harbour (left) was the overall winner of the trophy and also won the "15 loops and the "climb ad glide"
John Grosbvalds won "2 loops, 2 rolls".....
 .... and Bob Nicholson won the "spot landing"
31 August
Howard Robinson (left) has the honour of joining that exclusive club of those that managed to get their model stck in a tree ......
Dave Brown tree sticker
..... and so does Dave Brown.
Tree Sheep <------ in August we had some very hot weather and it wasn't only the sheep that took shelter under the trees!
7August - second round of the Rookie Competition
Rookie 2 group
All those that took part
15th May - BMFA's World Record Attempt
Record group
NVA's sporting team of record holders
   Above - The action video
Right and below - below a selection of pictures (play "spot the planes")

15th May - The Electric Fun-Fly
Alan Smedley (right) organised the comp here seen awarding Mike Wilson with his prize for winning the "Ring-Drop" round.......
........ and John Turner for the spot landing .....
...... and John Grosfields for the "Climb and Glide" .....
...... and  Alan Smedley himself for the Limbo (see pictures below) Here Alan is prending to hold the trophy for the overall winner - that was John Turner who received the trophy at a later date.
Best cash
Neil Dubal won the prize for most entertaining crash. Sorry Neil, but it has become a tradition - you was lucky, one year it was pork scratchings !
JT Winner
Above - John Turner receiving the Elec Fun Fly trophy, sometime after the event
Below are a few pics taken on the day
Dave Harbour won the Champion of Champions comp 2021 and in his modest way wanted eveyone to know....

......he looks less happy here ..... I can't think why .....
.... ah! .....
..... that'll be why

An old timer -  (he's got the stop-watch- geddit?)
Dave Brown
Congratulations to Dave Brown (left) here seen receiving his A-certificate from Andy Hibbert .....
Guy's tree sticker
..... and a few weeks later Guy Bowden (right) receives a well-earned tree sticker from Dave Harbour
Dinis gets sticker <-- Dinis Cachao (right) receives his first, and well earned, tree sticker from Dave Harbour
Progress in producing replacement starting benches.
bench pix 1
The design and development team contemplate the options ....
Bench 3
Prototype well on its way ....
bench 6
... here ...
Bench 2
... and here seen being modelled
Almost there - watch this space for the Mk II
Flashback (c.2014)
  Guy Bowden recently came across an old video taken on board his Laser 150 powered Pitts biplane. It was taken with and "old fashioned" (i.e. large) video camera taped o the wing - enjoy!
28 March
Kites John Turner took this fantastic shot of red kites at about 1000 feet. This is one frame from of a 7 min video available at
February - Essential maintenance
Last post 1 last post 2
They stood to attention for the Last Post (sorry)
John Turner's "Spaceship" - flew remarkably well considering it does not have wings!
spaceship 1 Spaceship 2
2nd January
2022 Jan group
Some of the members that made it to the first Sunday of the new year
Jet Left -  Mick Addington's twin EDF jet

Below - Mike Wilson's Thunderbird 2
Tbird1 D Tbird2 C
Tbird E TbirdF
This is an assortment of pictures taken during 2022, too good to delete!
Jet Rescue Benches
Daves BE2 Car_park_1
Car_Park_2 Car_Park_3
Ca-park_4 carpark5
carpark6 carpark7
carpark8 JV_RV8
Cockpit view <--- anyone agree it looks rather like John Cornish?