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Picture Gallery for 2018

30 Dec
MC <---- Mark Chaplin (right) "officially" receives his trophy from Dave Harbour for winning the 2018 Aerobatics competition.
9 Dec
John Grosvalds <---- John Grosvalds (left) officially picks up his engraved trophy from Dave Harbour
5 Dec 2018 AGM
Alan Smedley
Alan Smedley (left) received his trophy for winning the Electric Fun-Fly from Dave Harbour
Mick Addington
Mick Addington (left) received the trophy for winning the Rookie competition
John Turner
John Turner (left) received the trophy for winning the Open Electric Glider competition
Aerobatics trophy
Mark Chaplin won the Aerobatics competition but was not able to attend the AGM. John Grosvalds won the IC Fun-Fly but also could not attend (picture above)
7th November
Andy and Malcolm step up to the crease to do essential mower maintenance!
Mower 1 Mower 2
Mower 3 Mower 4
Paul Wright <-- Congratulations to Paul Wright (left). Paul has been flying for many years so recently passed the the A-test with flying colours. Here seen receving his certificate from Andy Hibbert
2 Sept - IC Fun-Fly
Joh Grosvalds 1
John Grosvalds (left) won a bottle of plonk for winning the climb 'n glide then ....
John G 2
.... went on to win the trophy!
seen here receiving his prize from the organiser and club chairman John Morse (although he did less work than any of 'em)
Mick A
Mick Addington won the 15 loops
Boc N
Bob Nicholson won the spot landing
Ray Cox
Ray Cox won the 2 loops, 2 rolls
Andy H
Andy Hibbert kindly offered his services as score keeper
29 Aug
Hurricane 1
<---- Richard Bridgman with his spectacular Hurricane

Hurricane 2
25 July
Mike Wilson brought his 120 powered autogyro to the field for its maiden flight but there was insufficient wind to enable take-off from our short runway. Gallant attempts were made to get the rotor to spin fast enough so that will have to wait for another day.

See the action movie on the left.
MW gyro 1
Preparing the beast .......
MW gyro 2
..... and final check before the attempt .......
in shade <------ while others just watch from the shade
22 July - Rookie comp round 2
Rookie comp group
L-R: Andy Hibbert (organiser), Ray Cox, John Turner, Dave Harbour, Mick Addington, Jeff Barringer, Mark Hemingway, John Morse.
Mick A 5
Mick Addington won the 2nd round .....
Mick A pic 2
........ and the overall comp: here receiving his trophy
pic 1
Screw up the comp .... and give it a good hard flick ... Mick!
Commp organiser
Andy Hibbert, the comp organiser in his office
A Rookie on the way up ....
.... and on the way down
15 July
Dave and tug Mike and glider
  Glider towing - Dave Harbour preparing the tug (above left) and Mike Wilson preparing the glider (above right)

Left - the action movie
Car park Great turn-out today - hot sunny day
pits 2 pits 1
24 June
<-- The maiden flight of Dave Harbour's B.E.2
note: the video is over 8 min long.
21 June - Further summer car park improvements
Summer car park 1 Summer car park 2
Summer car park 3 Summer car park top ups
Spare - ready for top-ups
13 Jun
Cessna 1 <--- This was to be the first flight of Jeff Barringer's superb scale Cessna 310 but due to some minor technical issues it will have to wait till another day
cessna 2 Cessna 3
10 June - 2018 Aerobatics Competition.
Aerobatics winner <--- Congratulations to the winner Mark Chaplin (right), here seen receiving his certificate from the competition organiser, Jeff Barringer.
6 June
Acrowot XL
Mick setting the mole traps
lined up
The pits - lined up and ready to go

Andy's flying wing
Tea break
Tea break!
Bringit home
Bringing it home - in one piece
22 May - FPV Flying

Mike Wilson demonstrates his FPV Phoenix Glider
Andy and Bob
Bob demonstrates how to wear the viewing mask ....?
20th May - 1st round of the Rookie competition
Rokie 1 group
Rookie 1 B
Red Rookie <--Congratulations to Jeff Barringer (left) for winning the day. Seen here receiving his prize from Andy Hibbert, the organiser
Rookie team
Some of the team looking to the heavens for inspiration
One our spectators
17th May
Ian Wilde kindly used one of his drones to produce this fantastic shot and locate Richard Bridgman's Hunter that went down in a crop field, following a radio failure. It could not be seen from the ground - Very impressive!

< --- Links to more scans of the area - courtesy of Ian Wilde
6th May - excellent weather  - good turn-out
Members Flightline
Ray Cox flew his impressive Opterra flying wing - here seen preparing the beast
Opterra 3
Opterra 4 Opterra 2
29th April
Elec FF group
7 competitors braved the testing weather conditions to compete in the annual Electric Fun-Fly competition
Alan Smedley <--- Congratulation to Alan Smedley (right) who not only won the overall competition but also the "spot landing" and "limbo" rounds
Tony Fisher
Tony Fisher (right) won the "ring drop" (a form of bombing) round .....
Bob Nicholson
..... and Bob Nicholson (left) won the "climb and glide" round
Limbo1 Limbo 2
Luckily the limbo round did not result in the carnage it sometimes does
8 April - NVA attended the RC Weekend show organised by Rushden Historical Transport Society.
It attracted all kinds of RC models - here is a selection
Picture 8 Picture 9
Picture 2 Picture 17
Picture 11  
Picture 20  
18 March - Dave Harbour flying in the snow (vid by Mike Wilson)
12 March
Keeping order of the rowdy mob at committee meetings is a task that requires the chairman to employ some serious hardware!
Committee meeting Bell
4 Mar
Another tree sticker Dave's panic 1
Dave's panic 2 Dave with Panic
Skipper <---- Mick Addington's all-terrain Hobby King Skipper
21 Feb - Further upgrades to the summer car park have started already
using very heavy old paving slabs donated by Ray Cox
the workers The team
drainage ditch
A drainage ditch will help keep the mud at bay

Malcolm surveys their work
4 Feb (a bitterly cold day)
3 x Mode 1 flyers <--- 3 NVA members show their preference for "Mode 1"
(throttle on the right-hand stick) - a relic of a bygone era smile
However, with a bitter NE wind blowing it shows that they are as tough as old boots. They don't make 'em like they used to.
January - slope soaring trip to Ivinghoe Beacon
Alan slope soaring - the plane is the blue thing next to Alan's head (apparently)
Alan Smedley and Mike Ellis of Ivinghoe Slope Soaring Association. It's cold up on Ivinghoe Beacon so to keep warm Alan practiced his disco dancing routine!
Mike Smith

<---- Mike Smith (right) won the electric fun-fly in 2017 but was unable to make the AGM in December. Today, Dave Harbour presented Mike with the engraved version of the trophy