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Above - Christmas Eve BBQ at the field

The winners of the 3 competitions were officially presented with their trophies at the AGM on 7 Dec 2011

Rookie - John Morse
Electric F/W- Chris Dickens
IC F/W - Andy Fowler memorial trophy - Simon Fisher


Above:- Despite it being a foggy November day, 2 of our members Ross Baseley and Mike Forster, gained their A-certificates from Dave Harbour - congratulations to them both
Below:- A working party clearing the winter car park and a helicopter (both making a bit more fog)

Below:- Flying in the fog!
<---Andy Hibbert's latest creation (Tricopter Mk 2)
<---- Andy Hibbert's Tricopter - Click here for the movie!

The Flyers (L-R) John Morse - Dave Harbour - Adrian Basely - Steve Thom - Simon Fisher (overall winner) - Bob Nicholson - Ray Cox - Alan Smedley



This guy means business --->

<----- John Morse wins the hotly contested Rookie Comp - and the following 62+ pictures tell the story (Full results on the competitions page).

Lewis (5) doing great - will he be the youngest ever in the club to get his "A"?
Electric Fun-Fly - July 24

The competitors: L-R John Turner; Dave Harbour; Chris Dickens; Alan Smedley; Mick Addington; Bob Nicholson; Simon Fisher; Dave Seamark; John Morse; Adrian Baysley - the overall winner was Chris Dickens

!st Round winner - Dave Harbour (right)

2nd Round winner: John Morse (right)

3rd Round winner: Mick Addington (right)

4th Round winner: Chris Dickens (right)

You're s'posed to touch down on the spot - not dive-bomb it!

Gently back and ..........

....... flinggggggggggg

<---Alan retrieving his model from the cornfield at the Northamtonshire Country Fair. (good at the hurdles apparently)

Please avoid scaring or hitting these!

Indoor Flying at Bozeat 9 Feb