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Picture Gallery for 2014

Quadcopter <-- Look what one of our members got for Christmas ... perhaps we'll see a few more of these in 2015!
AGM held 3 Dec 2014
Steve Thom

<--The AGM was held 3 Dec - the committee remains the same for 2015. Steve Thom (left) received his trophy for the IC fun-fly from Dave Harbour.

Sadly Jeff Barringer could not make it to pick up the Rookie trophy and Adrian Baseley and Andy Whiting, winners of the electric fun-fly and open electric glider comps respectively, were not present at the meeting to collect their trophies.

3 Dec
plane in tree <-- sometimes you have to be inventive!
21 November - Dave Harbour was presented with a merit award at the BMFA awards evening
daves presentation certificate
pres 2
pres 3 pres 4
pres 4  

New Starting Benches - Merlin, Griffon and Olympus
(Merlin is reserved for Dave when he's in residence - becasue ke made them)

benches 6 benches 5
Benches 7 Benches 4
Benches 3 benches 1
16 Nov (not ideal flying conditions)
fog1 fog2
Fog3 Fog4
1 Oct
Malcolm <--- Congratulations to Malcolm Madden (right) who passed his A-certificate test today!
IC Fun-Fly 8 Sept
IC Competitors

Steve Thom (left) won 2 rounds for which he received a bottle of wine each plus this prestigious trophy for winning the overall competition.

Ray Cox won 2 rounds but was pipped for first place in a fly-off.

This what the competitors were fighting for ....

An impromptu committee meeting - trying to make sense of the rules!

trainer plane
Flying on 27 July.
< ------ Here we see Alan modelling our summer club uniform ... OK a group went to Cosford and it rained a bit - well quite a big bit. (Sorry for putting this picture up Alan, Dave made me do it)
Rookie round 2 held on 13 July
Competitors Rookie 2

Left - The competitors: L-R John Morse, Mick Addington, Dave Harbour, Jeff Barringer - Alan Smedley (kneeling)

At the time the picture was taken Alan's plane had gone AWOL - luckily it was later recovered

Below - Congratulations to Jeff Barringer who won the round and was the overall winner of the competition - here seen receiving the trophy from Dave Harbour who organised the competition.

Rookie Round 1 held on 15 June
Rookie competitiors
Rookie Winner

Above: The Rookie Round 1 Competitors L-R Mick Addington, Guy Bowden, Chris Dickens, Dave Harbour, John Morse, Jeff Barringer, Alan Smedley


Left: Alan Smedley (left) collects his prize for winning the round from Dave Harbour .
(note the hand over the label - Chateau Netto me thinks)

Electric Fun-Fly 18 May

The Competitors

Adrian Baseley (left) is presented with his trophy and goodies for overall winner, from the Chairman John Morse. Adrian also won round 1 for the greatest number of 8s in a minute.

Mick Addington won round 2 - the spot landing

Alan Smedley won round 3 - climb & glide

Ross Baseley won round 4 - the limbo

One that didn't quite make it!

Some of the spectators enjoying the sun
4 May
30 April
25 April

30 March
Some of the models made by Giuseppe Saroli
plane plane
plane plane
plane plane
...... and another one roosting in the treetops ..... (2 Feb)
plane plane
22 Jan 2014
25 Jan 2014
Discovery Trojan
5 Jan 2014
Plane in tree
The first tree landing of the new year ....
Ladder up tree
... luckily Bob the Builder Fireman was on hand to help
plane plane
plane plane
plane plane