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Picture Gallery for 2020

2nd December
<--- on the first day back after lock-down 2 Mike Wilson maidens his "Space Ship" drone.
29 Sept
Mick and Malcolm <--- Mick and Malcolm taking advantage of the wet ground to roll the strip
September - Model noise testing introduced
Noise 1
The circle cut to the left of the pitts
noise 2
Andy Hibbert is in charge of noise testing
(that'll teach him to suggest it)
16 August
Dave's dead stick <---- Dave's Tumblin' Dice went dead stick and he had to land it in the outfield. He thought the plane was "this" side of the tree .... it wasn't.
Luckily Jim was there to help Dave retrieve it and Simon was on hand to offer advice (?) and record the happy scene. The plane suffered very little damage.

(It must have been like trying to eat chop suey with very long chop-sticks ed.)
12 Aug 
... it was a very hot day (luckily the fashion police were nowhere to be seen)
pic 4
A day without a cloud in sight
Pic 7
pic 3 pic 8
11 August
Container clearout Items suplus to requirements (i.e. junk)

Andy and Malcolm battled in the searing heat to clear-out the NVA storage container. They did a great job.

This picture shows the items destined for the dump (excepting the mowers we hope). "It's all good stuff, a lot of nice lawn ornaments there," proclaimed Andy Hibbert, trying to flog it off .
8 July
July meeting 1
July committee meeting in the rain, not quite the same as meeting in the pub  .......
July meeting 2
....... then Alan turned up to complete the line up.
Late June
Malcolm showing off his new Ruckus ......
Ruckus close up
.... and here's the beast close up (the plane that is!)
14 June
Flamingo Prep
Mike Wilson preparing a bungee (helping-hand) launch for his glider.......

..... and here is the maiden flight (prior to trimming!) of Flamingo.
Flamingo in pitts
Flamingo in the pitts
Andy's quadcopter
Andy Hibbert (right) tests his scratch-built quadcopter
20 May
Summer has arrived <-- Summer has arrived - note the social distancing
15 May
Our models here can be seen demonstrating the new flight-line stations. These are scientifically calculated and an accurately measured distance apart, to meet the current government recommendations on social distancing.
red box 1 redbox 2
13 May
First day <--- First day after total lock-down - the hardy few made it despite the icy wind
11 March
Despite the howling wind and the soggy field the A-team were there - we now have a new floor in the shed!
shed 1 Shed 2
Shed 3 Shed 4
1 March
Despite the strong winds and soggy conditions., the hardier of our number were flying or humping planks, destined to be as new floor for the shed and repairs to the starting benches - while others were taking pictures of them :-)
Dave and Mike 1 Dave and Mike 2
Andy and Malcolm 1 Andy and Malcolm 2