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Picture Gallery for 2015

Working Party 6 Dec
The Team
The team worked very hard to make the site better for all!

Team_3 Team_4
Team_7 Tea_break
A well-earned tea break!
The 2015 AGM held on 2 Dec

<--- thanks to all those that attended

Congratulations to all the 2015 competition winners!

Steve Thom (right) won the Dave Harbour trophy for the IC fun-fly
John Turner (right) won the Open Electric-Glider Comp.

Ray Cox won the Electric fun-fly

Mick Addington was overall winner of the Rookie competition
Posted 25 Oct

Giuseppe Saroli
Congratulations to Giuseppe Saroli (left) here seen being presented with his A-certifcate by John Morse for passing his A test in 2006! ... sorry the picture is a bit late ... something about the certificate being mislaid (poor excuse ed.)

Milkos Toldi
Congratulations also to (ace) heli flyer Milkos Toldi (left) being presented with his A-certificate by Dave Harbour.
Posted 18 Oct

Is this the youngest ever of our members to pass their A-test?
Lewis Chaplin
Congratulations to Lewis Chaplin who has passed his A-test at 9 years old - an excellent achievement!

Adam Garratt
....and another A-test pass, this time it's congratulations to Adam Garratt.
4 Oct - Rookie Round 2
Rookie 2 Group
The contestants and some of the back-up crew (L-R) Alan Smedley, John Turner (winner of round 2), Simon Fisher, Mick Addington (Trophy winner), Dave Harbour, John Morse, Guy Bowden, Andy Hibbert (Rookie comp organiser).
John Turner
John Turner - Winner round 2
Mick Addington
Mick Addington - Trophy winner
Mick the Sweep <----- belated congratulations to Mick Smith (right) on gaining his A-certificate. Here being presented by Dave Harbour
IC Fun-Fly 20 Sept 2015
ICFF Group
The competitors and supporters:
L-R John Morse, Barry Harmston, Ray Cox, Cameron Thom, Steve Thom, Dave Harbour, Andy Hibbert, Alan Smedley

Steve Thom (right) receives his trophy as overall winner - he also won 2 bottles of wine
Steve Thom also won 3 of the rounds - here he is on the right with a photo-bomber!
What they were risking life and limb for

Andy manually totting up the scores - you would think these days we would have a computer to do that wouldn't you?
John Morse (right) being presented with his prize by Andy Hibbert for winning the crash spot landing
Lots of feverish activity in the pits

You are s'posed to touch down on the spot, not nose-dive onto it!
Turnips-1 Plane-0
What trees?
Lovely bounce!
Great picture of a special edition Wot-4; one of only 250,000 made


Ach mein gott nein!

flypast flypast
flypast inverted
Paul Land
Paul Land (right) received his "A" certificate and ..........
Steve Thom
Steve Thom (left) his "B" .... congrats to both
Bent Riot
A riot that didn't quite make it back in one piece

Alan Moore's Wot-4 and Skymaster

A large Cessna Skylane
Cessna 3 Cessna 4
Cessna1 cessna 2
andy and Mikr Holt Andrew Bigg and Derek Leach
Above - Dave Harbour congratulates Andrew Bigg (left) and Derek Leach (right) - both passed their A-cert test on 15 July
<-- Andy Hibbert (left) congratulates Mike Holt on passing his A-cert on 15 July
Chris Atkin
Andy Hibbert congratulates Chris Atkin (right) for passing his A-cert on 3 July


Riots snaut

How to fix a Riot's bent snout! (simmer for 20 mins until al dente and serve with a knob of garlick butter)

Rookie 1 held on 14 June
Group shot
The competitors and support staff
The winner Mick Addington receives his prize from the organiser, Andy Hibbert
Whoops! - see below for action shot ......
He who must be obeyed - Andy Hibbert - the organiser
....... see I told you there was an action shot and here it is
Nice camera work Steve!
It's all action on the flight-line
A last minute top-up before the launch
rookie pic
Excellent work from the timers
rookie rookie
Praise be to the Rookie ..... ?
Stand by for a cartwheel
And another one gets a last shot of Ether

Keep your mouths shut chaps - there are red kites in the area!
The electric fun-fly was held on 17 May
elec FF group
The victims with a selection of the planes that survived the limbo!
Elec Comp <--- The organisor Alan Smedley (left), presents Ray Cox with the overall winner's trophy. Ray also won bottle of the finest Chateau Neto each for winning the "8s" and the "climb & glide" rounds.
Elec Comp
Dave Harbour (right) won the spot landing
Elec Comp
Andy Hibbert (left) presents Alan Smedley with his plonk for winning the limbo
Elec Comp
Competitors trying to influence the ref .....
Elec Comp
The deputy organiser deeply engrosed in sussing the hi-tech results calculator
Elec Comp
Tony giving his plane a good talking to for getting its legs stuck down a rabbit hole!
Elec Comp
Elec Comp
Elec Comp

Congratulations to Dave Harbour for being awarded the certificate of merit by the Royal Aero Club





Dave Dave
Sometime during April
April Dave
Perhaps he's found one of Andy's canopies
It was good weather for flying a kite!
5 April
Dave and Kate

Congratulations to Kate Andrews (above), Mel Jackson (right), and Ian Bird for passing their A-cert tests this week!

Dave and Mel

28-29 March - NVA exhibiting at the ModeEx show at Windmill School, Raunds
Windmill Windmill
Windmill Windmill
Windmill Windmill
Windmill Windmill
Afer breaking his leg skiing, Jeff Barringer hopped-off and did some building :-)
plane 1 plane 2
Plane 3 Plane 5
22 Mar
Field Field


Field Field
8 Mar
Field Field
8 Feb
Andy 2

Andy 1note the high-tensile steel bolt holding the canopy on - cunningly painted white to make it look like nylon!

plane 1 plane 2
27 Jan
tree 3 tree2
Up tree tree