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Picture Gallery for 2019

22 December (last pictures of the year)
Maricardo burried <--How to combine your model aircraft hobby with gardening
maricardp 1 Maricardo 2
2019 AGM held on 4th December - the prize winners receive their trophies from Dave Harbour
Bob Nicholson (left) received his trophy for winning the Electric-Fun-Fly competition
John G
John Grosvalds (left) received his trophy for winning the Aeroatics competition
Simon Fisher (left) received his trophy for winning the IC Fun-Fly competition
Mick Addington (left) received his trophy for winning the Rookie competition
John Turner won the Open Electric-Glider comp but was unable to attend the AGM - (you will have to wait for the picture folks) ......... John Turner
...... here 'tiz, at last
Some time in November
You may have missed this on TV but recently David Attenborough made a programme where he announced that he had indentified a new bird species. You can almost hear his distinctive voice:
"This bird can be found deep in the forests of southern Northamptonshire. It is very distinctive and gayly coloured, but most interesting of all are its mating habits. Unusually, the female is the colourful one and the male less so and much smaller. In the mating season he mounts the female ..........
............ and hangs on for dear life even when she takes flight and goes to a great height when she eventually shakes him off leaving him ............
Piggyback 1
............ to float gently back to earth. No doubt waiting for the next opportunity to do it all again": (his birthday or Christmas perhaps)
piggyback 2
27 Oct
Ray 1
Ray's very large model
Ray 2
18 Sept
1 <---One of our members (not mentioning any names) flew their plane into a large prickly bush. Luckily a gallant team was on hand to help retrieve it.
2 4
3 5
8 Sept - IC Fun-Fly

The contestants and the scorekeeper
Simon and trophy
Simon Fisher (left) received his prizes from the organiser John Morse. Simon also won the "15 loops" and the spot landing. (didn't he do well?)
John G
John Grosvalds won the "climb & glide" and ......
...... Mick addington won the "2-loops+2-rolls"
Simon and chrisps A special prize was to be awarded for the best crash but no-one crashed!

So, the packet of Walkers crisps (standing in for pork scratchings) went to Simon Fisher for the most entertaining flight.
21 July - Rookie Comp - Round 2
Rookie round 2 A
Mick Addington (left) receives his prize from Andy Hibbert for winning round 2 .....
Rookie round 2 B
....and the trophy for winning the overall competition.
16th June
John G <---- John Grosvalds (left) receives his certificate for winning the 2019 club aerobatics competition from the comp orgasniser Jeff Barringer. John will be presented with the prestigeous trophy at the 2019 AGM in December.
19 May - Rookie Comp Round 1
Rookie Group
Some of the contestants, timers and the organiser Andy Hibbert (he with clip-board)
The winner, Mick Addington (left) receiving his prize
Contestants looking for a small dot in the sky - and hoping the one they are focussed on is theirs
Alan Moore <-----During May Alan Moore went for a trip (down the runway) in a Lancaster
5 May
Andy in Spitfire <---- The pilot in the model Spitfire looks remarably like Andy Hibbert .... looks almost real
28th April - Electric Fun-Fly
Bob Nicholson (right) receives the trophy as the overall winner. Bob also won the spot landing and was joint winner of the limbo - a sterling performance.
Ray Cox (Right) won the "Ring Drop"
John Grosvalds (right) won the "Climb & Glide" .....
.... and Alan Smedly (Left) was joint winner of the Limbo with Bob Nicholson. Here receiving his prize from John Morse.
Alan was also the competition organiser.
Not all the models went unscathed ......
..... but Ray won the pork scratchings for the most spectacular crash when his plane hit a tree.
Jim took the opportunity to retrieve our patio table from the bushes following exceptionally high winds
Andy Hibbert did his score-keeper thing
A well lined-up pass under the limbo wire ......
....... oh dear
Competitors were required to stand in the pilot's box - some interprretted the rule more closely than others
Mike Wilson (left) did the timing and measuring
The weather was not ideal as the windsock shows but all had fun
6-7 April - Rushden RC Model Show
1 2
4 5
Video clip (spot the russian spy) -------->
27 Feb
Bipe In late 2018 a fellow aeromodeller John Parker, passed away and his family, via Guy Bowden, donated his models to the club. Guy brought them to the 2018 AGM where several members took them away. This one, a DB Sopwith Pup, was adopted by Mick Addington and as you can see looks happy flying round the skies once again. It's great to see John's hard work still giving pleasure to others. A fine legacy, thanks to his and his family's generosity.
BipeA BipeB
BipeC BipeD
Score for February: Trees 4   Pilots 0
Tree Alan
Alan Moore (right) receives his tree-sticker from Dave Harbour ........ there's more ....
..... and Jeff Bell receives his ....... yet more ....
tree Mike W
Mike Wilson gets one too .....
Wot 4 in tree
...... finally, John Morse parks his Wot 4 high in a tree to spend a stormy night. Luckily it got blown low enough for it to be rescued the next day.
27 Jan
The chaps took the opportunity to run the mowers and to roll the strip while it was soft after heavy rain
Mower 1
Drone Mower 3
Ever had trouble identifying which way round your quadcopter is? - Mike Wilson has the solution to this age-old problem
2 Jan
Pic 1 <---- A hardy few braved the cold to shake off their cabin fever .....

.... and Mike Wilson gave his own-design drone another test flight
Pic 2 Pic 2