Picture Gallery for 2017

These pages contain some pictures and video clips of a few of our members and their models
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2017 AGM held on 6 December
20 members attended the AGM
Mick Addington (right) received the trophy for winning the Rookie competition
Mick Addington (right) received the trophy for winning the IC Fun-Fly competition (clearly Mick's the one to beat in 2018)
Dave Harbour (left) received the trophy for winning the Open Electric Glider competition.
(Mike Smith won the Elictric Fun-Fly but was not at the AGM)
November "Mole Patrol"
Mole catcher 1 Molecatcher 2
Andy points to where a moles - used to be.
16 Oct - IC Fun-Fly
Mick wins ICFF
Mick Addington (left) received his trophy for winning the overall competition. Mick also won the "fastest 15 loops" and "2 loops-2 rolls" rounds
Dave Harbour received his bottle of wine for winning the "Climb anf Glide" round (above) -
Bob Nicholson won the "spot landing" round.
8 Oct - Mick Addington (left) won the Rookie competition 
Mick 1 Mick 2 Mick 3
First Mick won a bottle of red for winning Rookie round 2 .......  --- then a bottle of white for being the winner the overall comp ..... ..... then finally, the trophy!
24 Sept
Mike Wison gets his tree sticker <---- Mike Wilson (left) received his commemorative "Tree" sticker from Dave Harbour, after landing his glider in a ... erm ... tree!

Luckily with the use of poles, Mike's glider was recoverd.
15 Sept
NVA Summer car park <--- Summer car park upgrade is now complete - click here for the action-packed movie!
NVA exhibited at the Rushden Model Weekend
1 5
3 4
6 August
Kevin Weaver-Pope <---- Congratulations to Kevin Weaver-Pope (left) - here being presented with his A-certificate by Dave Harbour
Summer car park improvements - 40 tons of road planings have been dumped on the summer car park -
awaiting a man with a JCB
Plaings 1 Planings 2
winner <--- 2 July 2017 - John Turner (right) accepts his prize from Andy Hibbert (the comp organisor) for winning the 1st round of the Rookie competition
Electric Fun-Fly 14 May

This is what was at stake - selected wines (selected from the "on special offer" shelf) and a prestigeous trophy (made by Dave Harbour from solid stainless steel) ........
 .... Mike Smith was somewhat pleased to learn that it was he, that had won the trophy .......
 .... and here he is being presented with said trophy by the club chairman John Morse.
Congratulation to Mike for a sterling performance.

Mike swept (sorry) into the lead after winning the spot-landing and climb-and-glide rounds for which he walked away with bottles of wine.
Mike Wilson won the ring-drop round .......
..... and Guy Bowden won the limbo round with 4 passes under the tape, no mean feat.

The competition was expertly organised by Andy Hibbert (left) who stood in for Alan Smedley (aka Captain Pugwash) who was otherwise occupied sailing his yacht round Britain. Andy seen here having his calulations being scrutinised by experts, while others did .....

......... running repairs.
8-9 April - ModelEx at Windmill School, Raunds
modelex_1 Modelex+2
Modelex_3 Modeleex_4
Modelex_7 Thanks to all those that brought models to the club's display!
26 Feb
Malcolm;s Acrowot rekitted
Malcolm is consoled after re-kitting his Acrowot
malcolms Acrowot
Mick's Limbo Dancer - one of many currently in production
5 Above - "the few" huddled for warmth

Left - nothing glue won't fix
5 Feb - despite the mist, the hardy few were there!
5 Feb 1 5 Feb 2
First pictures of 2017
% Jan 1 < ----- Mike Wilson has mastered the art of making and flying autogyros
Pic 3 5 Jam 2
There's plenty of room for more!