GALLERY - 2005
Pictures taken by club members during 2005

< We told him it was dry-clean only!
(Left - Dave Harbour's Tiggie next to the real thing - taken at Sywell - below: the man himself with the 2 machines)

Shall we tell him? ..... Nah ... let him find out!

Some people take the "buddy lead" scheme just a bit toooo seriously!

Spot the deliberate mistake
<- Always someone to give advice - here we see the fashion committee discussing the finer points of next years "look"

Frank tackles some on-site repairs!

Added 5 August 2005 - Link to Martyn Taylor's on-board video - great fun! (5.3Meg download)

31 July 2005


10th July 2005

26 June 2005


29 May 2005

Preparing a doodle-bug (if Sadam had had one of these, the Yanks would not have stood a chance!)
17th April 2005

Garden gnomes courtesy of Wyevale Garden Centre!

Vid-Clip 1

Vid-Clip 2

Vid-Clip 3

Vid-Clip 4

These 3 pics taken on 30 Jan 05 - It was freezing cold!

Question:- Are they

a) brave
b) enthusiastic
c) barking mad

Answers, on a postcard to ......


(March 2005)